Jay Electronica "Exhibit C"

Jay Electronica 'Exhibit C'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Although it first surfaced towards the end of last year, 2010 is clearly the year that Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C" will quickly gather the type of attention and acclaim reserved for recordings that could represent an influential turning point.

Comprised of one long, intricately written verse with no chorus, "Exhibit C" has persuaded several MCs to upload their own versions online, and it's now garnering significant airplay on the notoriously conservative, yet influential, New York hip-hop and R&B radio station Hot 97.

So what's the fuss all about? Renowned producer Just Blaze audaciously sets the stage, teasing the string arrangements of Billy Stewart's "Cross My Heart" into a bombastic, swirling score. He further heightens the anticipation with a giddy, excitable introduction, playing the ecstatic foil to Jay Electronica's cal,m reflective intellect.

Jay Electronica's jaw-dropping yarn is essentially a spiritual and philosophical narrative detailing his nomadic lifestyle, his struggles and how he became enlightened in a way that is refreshing, yet rooted in the traditions of classic hip-hop. Consequently, the endlessly quotable lyrics, along with Electronica's authoritative delivery and vivid imagery, quickly elevate the track into the stratosphere, setting ears on edge for the forthcoming Act II: Patents of Nobility.

Before this song, Jay Electronica was perhaps best known for "Act I: The Pledge," which featured the New Orleans-born rapper rhyming over the film score of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, having a recent child with Erykah Badu and his as-yet unfulfilled artistic potential. "Exhibit C" looks like it's about to change all of that.

Listen to Jay Electronica's "Exhibit C" here and download it from iTunes here.