Jay Arner Signs to Mint for New Solo Album

Jay Arner Signs to Mint for New Solo Album
Last summer, Vancouver singer-songwriter and Fine Mist member Jay Arner let Exclaim! know he was in the midst of prepping a solo album, and the self-titled LP will finally see its release June 25 via his new label home, Mint Records.

A press release for the 10-song LP notes that Arner performed, recorded and mixed the whole thing in his tiny practice space using "a precariously perched desktop computer" and some home-recording gear. While we were previously privy to the retro-funk number "Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)," the album is said to also feature an eclectic mix of tunes that run from the post-punk-flavoured "Midnight on South Granville" to the apparently Murderrecords-inspired pop anthem "Don't Remind Me."

"I have music playing in my brain all the time," Arner said in a statement. "Sometimes something catches my attention and I do my best to follow the melody along and turn it into a song. I can't say what it sounds like to other people, but to me my music sounds like the inside of my head. Claustrophobic but cavernous, no easy resolutions, confabulated music history."

You can peruse the tracklisting down below, and the cover art, which Arner aptly describes as "a giant fucking photo of my face," up above. You can also stream a remix of "Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)" beneath the tracklisting.

UPDATE: You can also stream/download album cut "Don't Remind Me" below via The Fader.

Jay Arner:

1. Midnight on South Granville
2. Bird of Prey
3. Broken Glass
4. Nightclubs
5. Sacrifice
6. Surf Don't Sink
7. Don't Remind Me
8. Out to Lunch
9. Wildest One
10. Emotional Whiteout

Tour dates:

5/8 Vancouver, BC - Zoo Zhop *
5/18 Vancouver, BC - The Biltmore ^
* with Thee Ahs
^ with Shotgun Jimmie, Gal Gracen