Jay Arner "T.S.A.T.S."

Jay Arner 'T.S.A.T.S.'
Airy Vancouver popsmith Jay Arner and Mint Records are getting into the Record Store Day spirit this Saturday (April 19), supplying vinyl junkies with a new tune called "T.S.A.T.S." on a floppy flexi-disc single. Doing us a solid, they've also just put up the track to stream ahead of the vinyl holiday, and you can check out the bleached-out pop track now.

The track fits the general vibe of Arner's self-titled solo set, offering up a delicate, bouncing bass line, dream-pop jangling, reverb-heavy vocal melodies and a synth line served up by live band member Jessica Delisle. Lyrically, Arner tries to figure out living life as a "teenager at heart" while smoking pot on the sidewalk and hucking some shit at the sun. "It's a fantasy," he coos out smoothly ahead of a sun-scorched guitar solo.

You can stream Arner's contemplative sun and smoke celebration down below.