Jay Arner "Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)" (video)

Jay Arner 'Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)' (video)
Soft-spoken Vancouver pop god Jay Arner may have released the sleeper hit of the year with his excellent self-titled solo LP. And the album's also produced a batch of excellent music videos, including the freshly released clip for ""Broken Glass (In the Hall of Shattered Mirrors)."

The video, which was directed by Ben Jacques, takes the resurgence of VHS aesthetics to a new extreme as some hilariously dressed folks perform martial arts on a decaying tape. Occasionally, other visuals peep through in the background.

Between the gaudy outfits and the impressively fucked visuals, we're sold. We also won't be able to listen to this song anymore without wanting to perform some high kicks.

Check out the video for "Broken Glass" below.