Jay-Jay Johanson "Moonshine" (Joakim remix)

Jay-Jay Johanson 'Moonshine' (Joakim remix)
Having sweated it out in the Tropics of Love, French producer Joakim is now bathing in "Moonshine" thanks to his new remix of a track by Swedish songwriter Jay-Jay Johanson.

While Johanson's original cut featured a pounding rock beat and ominous synth riffs, Joakim gives it a lot more groove with his shimmying drum machine loops. Throw in some moody tones and Johanson's softly delivered melodies, and it amounts to a hauntingly propulsive dance cut.

Hear the premiere of the remix below.

The original version of this song comes from Johanson's forthcoming album Opium, due out in June through Kwaidan Records/Le Plan Recordings.