Jason Collett Readies New Solo Album, Releases First Teaser Track

Jason Collett Readies New Solo Album, Releases First Teaser Track
Broken Social Scene have spent the last few years in limbo, and despite the occasional hint that they may record a follow-up to 2005's self-titled album (including recording a new album with John McEntire), no firm word has come about a new full-length. Still, fans of the Toronto indie rock collective can console themselves with the group's steady stream of solo projects.

The next release out of the Broken Social Scene camp will come from guitarist Jason Collett, who is preparing to release his fifth solo album on March 9. Entitled Rat a Tat Tat, it's the follow-up to 2008's Exclaim!-approved Here's to Being Here. In addition to drawing on the usual singer-songwriter themes of "the passions and struggles of relationships," the new album explores the Canadian landscape on tracks such "Lake Superior" and "Winnipeg Winds."

The first single is called "Love Is a Dirty Word." Featuring a sparse R&B groove that's gradually fleshed out with falsetto harmonies and quirky keyboards, the song revolves around some downright catchy acoustic guitar breaks. You can download it here at Arts & Crafts' website in exchange for an email address.

Rat a Tat Tat:

1. "Rave on Sad Songs"
2. "Lake Superior"
3. "Love Is a Dirty Word"
4. "Bitch City"
5. "High Summer"
6. "Cold Blue Halo"
7. "Love Is a Chain"
8. "Long May You Love"
9. "The Slowest Dance"
10. "Winnipeg Winds"
11. "Vanderpool Vanderpool"