Jason Collett Announces Rat A Tat Tat Companion EP

Jason Collett Announces <i>Rat A Tat Tat</i> Companion EP
Giving fans a little more to look forward to, Jason Collett has announced the release of an EP to go along with his upcoming album Rat A Tat Tat.

Hosting six songs, the album add-on, dubbed To Wit To Woo, will be available online and on the recently announced Bonfire Ball tour, which will kick off on March 10 at Toronto's Canada Music Week.

"I was blessed with a mess of songs and when they all finished taking shape some decided they wanted to be LP and some decided they wanted to be EP. I try not to be an overbearing parent," said Collett in a statement.

Bonfire Ball tour-mates Bahamas and longtime backing band Zeus are featured on the album extras, which Collett insists are "companions not castaways."

Free EP teaser "Little Tiger" is available on Collett's website, and if it's any indication of To Wit To Woo's other five tracks, then this instalment of Collett's crooning melodies is a must-have for the sunny spring days we're all looking forward to.

As previously reported, Rat A Tat Tat is due out on March 9 via Arts & Crafts.

To Wit To Woo:

1. "Got The Glory"
2. "Northern Light Letdown"
3. "Rainy Day Rain"
4. "Livin' The Dream"
5. "Little Tiger"
6. "Love Song To Canada"