Jason Collett "Little Tiger"

Jason Collett 'Little Tiger'
TRACK OF THE DAY: Jason Collett is sitting pretty on his best record, Rat a Tat Tat, which is due out March 9. Recently word came down that a bonus EP of songs would be released in conjunction with Collett's upcoming Bonfire Ball Tour with Zeus and Bahamas. The EP is entitled To Wit To Woo and "Little Tiger" is one of six songs, culled from the same sessions that produced Rat a Tat Tat.

Just as the album grooves playfully from song to song, "Little Tiger" takes it kind of easy, nestling itself into the listener's ear like a curious love bug. Collett is clearly at home within the camaraderie of Zeus, whose Carlin Nicholson and Mike O'Brien produced these sessions, giving Collett the right amount of bubble and scrape. "Little Tiger" is a catchy musical stew and another cool hint about Collett's strongest solo material to date.

Download "Little Tiger" by Jason Collett here.