Janette King's "Found a Way" Gets a Spooky Slasher Video for Halloween

The Montreal artist wields an axe as she wanders the streets

BY Haley BenthamPublished Oct 31, 2021

Janette King wishes us all a happy Halloween with the perfectly-timed release of her video for "Found a Way." It's the final track off the Montreal artist's recent sophomore album, What We Lost, which came out earlier this year via Hot Tramp Records.

The track is deeply personal to King, as it explores her experiences loving someone who is grappling with addiction and a suicide attempt. A press release explains that "Found a Way" is "about losing a sense of trust with them because they are not being honest about where they're at and about how their choices affect those that love them."

King's lulling vocals proliferate and grow increasingly distorted as the song progresses. This loss of control is mirrored by the increasingly haunting contents of the video. Directed, shot and edited by Kenny Mcdonald, the video takes the track to an even darker place as it illustrates a battle with inner demons — quite literally.

We follow King through as she transforms from a regular person into a haunted slasher. Shifting, disorienting camera angles and neon pink lighting evoke HBO's Euphoria, if Euphoria went all-out horror.

Alongside filming for "Found a Way," King was busy performing in September at POP Montreal festival and at Quebec Festival de Musique Émergente in her home province. Check out the video below.

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