Janelle Monáe Announces New Album 'The Age of Pleasure,' Releases Single "Lipstick Lover"

Her first new album since 2018 will be released on June 9

BY Emilie Richardson-DupuisPublished May 11, 2023

Janelle Monáe has announced the release of The Age of Pleasure on June 9, her first new album since 2018's Dirty Computer. She has also shared a steamy new video for lead single "Lipstick Lover."

"I'm always in red lipstick, and there have been so many instances where I've made out with somebody at a party and it's dark. Nobody notices it. But when the lights come on, whoever I've made out with, lipstick all over their face," she said in an interview with Apple Music 1's Zane Lowe.

She said when putting together the album, she tested the songs on her friends at parties, and those that were hits ended up on the album. "I want it to be so specific to this Pan-African crowd who are my friends. I want it to be a love letter to the diaspora. And if they fuck with it, it's good," she said.

The Kansas-born singer said The Age of Pleasure is about honouring the present moment and getting back to the basics.

Watch the age-gated music video for "Lipstick Lover" below, where you can also see the album's tracklist.

The Age of Pleasure:

1. Float feat. Seun Kuti and Egypt 8
2. Champagne Shit
3. Black Sugar Beach
4. Phenomenal
5. Haute
6. Oh La La
7. Lipstick Lover
8. The Rush
9. The French 75
10. Water Slide
11. Know Better
12. Paid in Pleasure
13. Only Have Eyes 42
14. A Dry Red


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