Jan Jelinek/Computer Soup Improvisations and Edits, Tokyo 26.09.2001

A glittering gem in genre crossover where jazz dissolves into glitch and processed electronics, but in a completely organic, improvised way. This recording was not cooked up by some laptop bedroom producer but is actually a jam session featuring the Japanese Computer Soup trio and Berlin-based Jelinek. Unorthodox as far as jazz goes, Computer Soup are long-time improvisers consisting of a trumpeter, electronics manipulator and a member on computer. Jelinek is a click house and tech-jazz producer. Often deliciously dreamy and hazy, Improvisations and Edits is like listening to an exceptional instrumental jazz performance while half-conscious or under some sort of chemical influence. Computerised blips and bleeps, loops and treatments and murky sonic skips curl up around desolate horn notes and scattered instrumental noises that culminate in elegant music. From either a jazz or electronic music enthusiasts' perspective, this recording will likely placate both discriminating palettes. This collaborations helped evolve both genres into new territory, perhaps neo-jazz. In a music saturated society, it is a relief to hear of yet-to-be discovered musical continents. (Audiosphere)