James Younger "Sleeping Alone" (video)

James Younger 'Sleeping Alone' (video)
Having just wrapped up a tour with Mounties, Vancouver pop-rock player James Younger is getting back to supporting his Feelin' American LP offstage by premiering a scenic new video for its "Sleeping Alone."

Despite some free-wheeling, jangly guitar textures, Younger's cut is reflecting on moodier themes of isolation and, you guessed it, sleeping alone. The lyrical overtones, then, pair up quite nicely with Younger's mostly solo stroll along a misty, water-lined path.

"We wanted to go for something very minimal, that captures the gloom of the Pacific Northwest. Put James in as remote and depressing a location as possible to tie in with the idea of being alone," video director Emma Higgins said in a statement, with Younger adding, "I wanted a location that played on those relationships between isolation, bleak colour and beauty."

You can check the gray skies that shroud Younger's soul via the player down below.