Jahson The Resistance

At first glance of the artwork, you might think that The Resistance is one of those spiritual healing records you would cop from a health food store, but this is in fact an emerging hip-hop producer who has crafted drums for the likes of Talib Kweli and Killah Priest. Jahson just happens to be in touch with his inner self and down with the "unseen creator of all things,” but this could be affecting his ability to make a slamming cut now and again for streaming pan flutes with beats doesn’t really sound that hot. Jahson does in fact possess a good chunk of skill, as you can tell on numbers like "Few Overstand” where the Cincinnati native manages to drop some impressive scratches over Bollywood chimes, but the majority of The Resistance is either average or completely flat. Guest MCs and vocalists don’t manage to help the poor lad either, as we sit through over 70 minutes of hip-hop mediocrity. In time we can hope that Jahson might drop the religious angle and give his production a little more substance, because the kid has talent, but might want to think about giving Talib a call before releasing another solo effort. (Mission Control)