Jadea Kelly "Hour North" on Exclaim! TV

Jadea Kelly 'Hour North' on Exclaim! TV
After collaborating with progressive metal band Protest the Hero in 2005, few would have predicted that Whitby, ON's Jadea Kelly would become a rising folk musician. But Kelly has been consistently churning out the tunes since then, and released her third album, Clover, in May.

Kelly brought a keyboardist and additional guitarist to the Exclaim! office to play Clover track "Hour North." Slowing the track down and stripping it of drums, Kelly's voice is clearer than ever, and her sweet folk is nothing if not enjoyable.

Watch the performance below. Kelly will be performing in various cities around Canada, including Toronto, Halifax, Montreal, and Calgary. You can see the full list of dates here.

Filmed by Matt Bobkin and Roberto Granados-Ocon
Audio by Nash Bussieres
Edited by Matt Bobkin