J-88 Best Kept Secret

If you've fully digested Slum Village's Fantastic Volume 2, you might want to check out this sampler collection of tracks the group recorded under the J-88 alias. Despite the fact SV production maestro Jay Dee has reportedly dismissed this collection of assembled tracks, there's some highly credible material here. Trademark beefy b-lines resonate throughout "Get It Together" and "The Things You Do," while the trio inject their playful and intermittent flows. Remixes from Madlib and UK producer I.G. Culture add subtle yet ultimately needless variations to these tracks. But the key entry here is "The Look of Love," which may be familiar to SV fanatics, presented in two parts. The sublime melding of a flowery guitar loop and finger snaps on the first instalment and the requisite Jay Dee handclaps on part two are almost worth the price of admission alone. (Groove Attack)