Ivory Towers 'Vile' (EP stream)

Ivory Towers 'Vile' (EP stream)
A couple years ago, MYTHS' Quinne Rodgers unveiled her Ivory Towers project with the arrival of an EP titled Endling. She's since teased new material with "Aether Ore" and is now ready to follow that up with a new six-track offering called Vile.
The aforementioned "Aether Ore" is accompanied by a string of other new tracks that give off the same entrancing vibes — at once, both dark and airy. The songs were built from choral arrangements, samples of Rodgers's own voice and moody layers of synths, pieced together into "electronic hymns" imbued with both personal and political meaning.
Opener "Hel's Belles" is a plight against existing power structures, while "No Devil Lived On" preaches an anti-Imperialist message and even carries the palindrome beyond just the song's title and into the audio itself — sounding identical when played backward and forward.

"Purity Control," meanwhile, is a scathing take-down of the pro-life movement, using the artist's own experiences with abortion as a catalyst for condemning the movement's "cloak of concern."
You can hear the full collection of weighty, emotionally and intellectually charged ambient tracks in its entirety right now. Vile is officially out tomorrow (November 3), but you can give it an early listen and pre-order a copy in the player below.