Ivory Towers "Aether Ore" (video)

Ivory Towers 'Aether Ore' (video)
Former MYTHS member Quinne Rodgers delivered her debut EP as Ivory Towers with Endling back in 2014, and now she's readying a follow-up effort. The first sampling of the new music arrives in the form of a track called "Aether Ore," and Exclaim! has got the premiere of its brand new accompanying visuals.
The video was shot on a Vancouver beach and opens on a relaxing shot of gently lapping waves. Things take a more sinister turn as the singer wades into the water, cloaked in darkness. The sparse yet suspenseful music lends an eerie overtone as a figure emerges from the spooky seaside setting.
The video was co-directed by Rodgers with Julian Briggs and Matea Sarenac, and Rodgers even made the costumes donned by herself and the creature.
Additionally, a remixed version of "Aether Ore" appears on a recently released mixtape to tide fans over until the new EP arrives. To further ease the wait, watch the new clip for "Aether Ore" below.