Ivana Santilli Santilli

Technically, Santilli isn't a new album, since it's comprised of six tracks off of 2008's T.O.NY, three remixes and three new recordings, yet somehow it escapes coming off as a cash grab or a muddled holding action. Coming after 2004's superior Corduroy Boogie, Ivana Santilli's T.O.NY fell through the cracks when it was initially released, so, for starters, the reissued songs make for a good second look, particularly vital club track "Been Thru This" and spacey cautionary tale "Leave It Alone." The early '80s quiet storm pulse of "Valentina" also makes a case for the Toronto, ON-based, globetrotting Santilli's vibrant multi-instrumentalism. Less impressive is new single "Confused Little Boy," an ill-advised foray into techno pop that sounds a bit too much like Lady Gaga for its own good. She needn't try to follow trends, since Ivana Santilli is at her best when she follows her muse. Let's hope we see more of that next time. (CP)