It's Official: Avril Lavigne is "Too Sexy" for Malaysia

It's Official: Avril Lavigne is 'Too Sexy' for Malaysia
It’s official: Avril Lavigne is too sexy for Malaysia. The country’s government has cancelled the Canadian pop star’s scheduled August 19 concert because of complaints, announcing Wednesday (August 20) that Lavigne would not be allowed to perform two days before Malaysia’s independence day.

"It is not timely. It's not in the good spirit of our national day. If we go ahead with the concert, it is contrary to what we are preparing for," Shukran Ibrahim, a senior official from the culture ministry, told the Associated Press.

As we previously reported, the country’s Islamic opposition party was urging the government to cancel the date, saying a Lavigne concert was "too sexy” and would promote the wrong kind of values to the nation’s youth. "It is considered too sexy for us... it's not good for viewers in Malaysia," a party spokesperson said.

Malaysian officials are reportedly mulling over whether the Lavigne concert will go ahead on another date.