Iron Giant / Bastard Child Death Cult / Dutch Oven

Bovine Sex Club, Toronto ON March 21

BY Keith CarmanPublished Mar 24, 2009

Trouble is certainly brewing when an under-publicized show such as this still packs a room from front to back. Factor in that it's a Friday night and you can see the devolution of the evening before stepping anywhere near the Bovine's cluttered frontage.

Montreal stoner/boogie rockers Dutch Oven were the perfect kick-start to an evening that promised raucous energy and an endless search for the bowel-releasing brown note. The rumbling power trio ravaged with their confidence and enthusiasm yet were humble enough to clear the way for their fellow troublemakers quickly.

Speaking of, watching Torontonians Bastard Child Death Cult explode while coupling the likes of Discharge and the Hellacopters was equal parts enticing and frustrating; like aural blue balls. Their upbeat attack and thick low-end is awesome yet it's a constant tease. Having been around the scene for some time now, they rarely perform and have yet to issue an album so that we may become more familiar with the tunes. Sure it's fun to watch singer Adam Sewell bounce around madly but it's even better when you can sing along too, guys. Still, despite feeling incited by BCDC, the true revelry wasn't underway until ungainly outfit Iron Giant (pictured) took to the stage.

From bassist PJ Dunphy's wild instrument flailing to the drummer Jon Flanagan's wide smile, singer Chris Lewis' imposing presence offset by soaring vocals and guitarist Shaun Crawford's head-down, barrel-through stance, The Giant easily proved once again that their beastly, thunderous amalgam of Black Sabbath's doom, Clutch's groove and Motorhead's vitality only gets better with age. Ripping through tracks from both No Longer Sleeping and Creator Of Scars, the quartet had fists pumping, beers sloshing and heads banging from the first booming note to the last chaotic crash.

In some ways, it's sad that these boys only hit Toronto once a year. Then again, it might not be all that bad. Although we Torontonians think we know how to rock, Iron Giant levelled us once again.

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