Attunement to Death

BY Brayden TurennePublished Feb 21, 2020

The reeking crypts of death are flung wide, and a dense miasma of carnal dust spews forth to consume you upon listening to the latest EP from the Chilean black mystics, Invocation. Attunement to Death rumbles up from below like a tectonic shift of malignant death metal, shrouded in a tangible atmosphere of esoteric chambers and unknown tombs. Delivering a dual agony of catchy riffs ensconced in a chilling aura, Invocation are yet another badge of twisted glory for the Chilean underground.
Once the brief ambience of "Oppression" fades, a threshold is noticeably crossed into a realm of tempests, as Invocation refuse to pull back until the very end. "Flying Ointments" opens like a maw upon us, letting us fall into long dead chasms, and striking an addictive air of foreboding. The guitar tone rumbles as though muffled by the Earth itself, evoking the locust buzz of Profanatica when not digressing into more old-school death metal tangents.
The vocals manage to stand out and become an instrument unto themselves, locking into dynamic patterns that complement the constantly shifting rhythm section, or else dissolving into incorporeal wails that struggle to be heard amidst the clamour.
Invocation seem to have quietly unveiled a dense, yet brief precedent for some of the strongest aspects of black/death metal in Attunement to Death. There is a wondrous simplicity to its sound that reinforces and outlines its power.
(Iron Bonehead)

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