Orchestrated Kill Maneuver

BY Keith CarmanPublished Jul 25, 2010

Initially, Invasion seem to be just another band mining well-tread territory. Orchestrated Kill Maneuver is steeped in traditional, old school grind pulling heavily from the chaotic dissonance, wailing guitars and overriding static that define classic genre albums like Carcass's Symphonies Of Sickness. But, digging deeper, something incredibly fresh and captivating comes to light. The album is inspired by some grind greats yet holds its own via inventive songwriting, subject matter and delivery. Where other acts of this ilk generally feature lyrics about mindless gore or general buffoonery, Orchestrated Kill Maneuver chronicles historical war facts on tunes such as "And Three Survived (The Sinking of the HMS Hood)," "Black Thursday (Trapped in a B-17)" and "Breach of the Siegfried Line." Sonically familiar yet unique enough to stand alone and still be gripping, this release is compelling while dishing out lessons via means that keep the listener learning and raging. Moreover, it ensures Invasion are respected for pushing the genre forward, not just relying on its past successes. What a concept.
(Rotting Corpse)

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