Introspect Reflect

Reflect is the debut album from budding MC Introspect, who is both well schooled in hop-hop and in graduate level sociology from Guelph University. Packed with tightly crafted rhymes, spit clearly, fast and slow, Reflect shows Introspect is driven by his ambition to get on and tell his story. On "Recognize” Introspect unleashes the plight of an unsigned MC over a crispy. up-tempo, electro string arrangement and subtle bass line. This album is proof the Introspect can rhyme and is devoted to real hip-hop, but musically it lacks any real swagger and any real balls. On "52 Cards,” where a deck of cards metaphor is incorporated into the song, Introspect’s aggression comes over as a hollow performance, which is more distracting rather than bumping. "Windy Day” has a track that genuinely gives off a cool breezy vibe, but Introspect’s dense flow sounds like more like a well educated, and very well rehearsed rapper devoid of any attitude. During the chorus he refers to his humble attitude, which he’s always maintained. A dose of cockiness might do this talented MC some good in the future, because on Reflect he comes off as a tame schoolboy who loves rap — and that ain’t going to work. (Hit the Deck)