Introducing the Devo Toothbrush!

Introducing the Devo Toothbrush!
As we previously reported, Devo aren't so pleased about their recent association with McDonald's, so much so that they are taking the fast-food giant to court. However, apparently they are more than happy to pair up with Hasbro in the fight against tooth decay. In conjunction with the toy makers, the new wave vets are releasing their very own toothbrush, which will play the track "Brush It" while you rid yourself of those Cavity Creeps.

The new toothbrush song is a remake of their classic "Whip It" (obviously) and recorded exclusively for Hasbro's new Tooth Tunes series. It's intended to coax you into brushing for a whole two minutes — the amount of brushing time generally recommended by dentists — and according to the press release, allows users to "hear two minutes of the hottest music from some of today's biggest stars." (Not to dis on Devo, but aren't they more like the biggest stars of yesterday?)

"We are always looking for newer, cooler ways to deliver our music to our fans," said Devo's main man Mark Mothersbaugh in the release. "Teaming up with Tiger Electronics to record a new version of 'Whip It' for Tooth Tunes was a blast. Not only do our fans get to experience one of our most popular songs in a wildly innovative format but it will also introduce our music to a new, younger group of listeners."

Along with the Devo brush, the Tooth Tunes collection includes others by, um, Miley Cyrus as Hannah Montana, the Jonas Brothers, Aly & AJ, Black Eyed Peas, as well as a Queen brush that plays "We Will Rock You."

So there you have it: In the eyes of Devo, toothbrushes are cool, McDonald's not so much.

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