Inspectah Deck Falls Victim to Internet Death Rumours

Inspectah Deck Falls Victim to Internet Death Rumours
Despite what you thought you heard, Wu-Tang Clan member Inspectah Deck isn't dead. The rumour quickly circulated during last night's (October 12) BET Awards after fellow Wu-Tang alumnus Raekwon gave a shout out to his friend that was, well, pretty cryptic.

As MTV News reports, the Chef stopped in the middle of his performance during the awards show to pay respect to the dead.

"Yo, stop the music Premier," Raekwon told DJ Premier, who was manning the decks at the time. "Yo rest in peace my brother from the Wu, Inspectah Deck."

Seeing how there weren't any reports of the rapper's demise, many were confused by Raekwon's tribute. Inspectah Deck wasn't as high-profile as Method Man or Ghostface Killah, but chances are we would have heard if one of the veteran outfit's members had fallen by the wayside. Even so, fans started to hit their Twitter accounts to spread the bad news. As it turns out, it was a case of jumping to conclusions.

There was more to Raekwon's message. A second half of his speech, which apparently most people missed, explained things even further. The rapper continued on, dedicating the moment to Deck's "old earth" - slang for his mom - who had passed on earlier this year. So it wasn't Inspectah Deck that died, it was his mom, which is still quite sad.

Posting a clarification on his Twitter account, Raekwon wrote, "Ppl my brother deck is alive and well someone dearly to him passed and I dedicated that to them!"

Thankfully, for hip-hop heads, the Inspectah is reportedly working on a new album. Titled The Rebellion, the set is due sometime in 2011.