Inseminoid Inseminoid

From their B-movie moniker to the splatters of gore on their cover art, this T-dot duo first captured my heart with 2001’s EP, Blood Splattered Beats. This time, they offer a collection of remixes. Purely instrumental, their music is a mix of psycho-industrial with a sci-fi twist. Phaser sounds and fuzzy bass are worked in amongst conventional hard electronic beats, with a good chunk of noize-y blips and bleeps. The overall sound is pleasingly analog — images of Kraftwerk running between gigantic synthesisers plugging in this, unplugging that, come to mind — but there is enough going on to update the sound. Like the blood covered, knife-wielding woman on the CD’s front, the disc has its creepy moments, those where you feel like you should quickly look behind you — mission accomplished I’m sure, given leader Chris Alexander’s extensive involvement in the horror scene. Thanks to Inseminoid for a handful of old sounds and new beats keeping Canada’s industrial scene alive and writhing. (Meridian)