Inseminoid Blood Splattered Beats

Every once in awhile, a CD comes along that reminds me of why I got into electronic/industrial music in the first place. Blood Splattered Beats EP by Toronto's Inseminoid certainly delivers. Putting forth five tracks of purely instrumental chaos, each song twists and cavorts its way through a journey your ears can't ignore. Just when you comfortably settle into one rhythm, a strange sample or unexpected break hits you, almost as if to slap you back to attention. This two-man act most impressively manages to steer clear of slipping into capital "R" redundancy. Like so many other releases from the same dark electronic realm, it is sometimes all too common to listen to an entire EP's worth of tunes that could easily pass for one song. Inseminoid rises above this. From the blippy conciseness of "Transpornerz" to the space age weirdness of "Hut of the Zombie," this disc has an eclectic quality that is quite refreshing. Oh, and is it danceable you ask? I think "Boner with a Capital 'O'" will answer that question just fine. All in all, a good listen. Just don't let your guard down for too long, you never know what sounds Inseminoid will assault you with next. (Independent)