Ingrid Andress

Lady Like

BY Marlo AshleyPublished Mar 24, 2020

Originally from Denver, CO, Ingrid Andress's Lady Like is a collection about love, featuring distinctive production that offers up silky pop ballads. "Bad Advice" starts with strings while "Both" includes hand claps, accenting soaring vocals with the raspiness of country newcomer Tenille Townes.
The title track showcases piano and silky strings with a play on words about cultural expectations of women. The Berklee College of Music grad sings about friendship intertwined with courtship on the pop-infused "We're Not Friends," akin to the piano pop artistry and harmonious vocal flow on "The Stranger." "More Hearts Than Mine" showcases the bond between family and lover, and offers a heartwarming country ballad with equally soul-stirring lyrics on the danceable "Life of the Party" and the haunting "Anything But Love."
Lady Like sonically diverges from the country-pop norm; Andress's lyrical honesty adds a sentimental perspective that invites you to listen to something out of the ordinary and makes you crave more.

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