Infinito 2017 & Unagi You and Eye

If A Tribe Called Quest’s Low End Theory gets regular rotation in your music collection, this seven-song EP walks the same territory. Unagi and Infinito 2017 spin webs worth spending time in. "Home For The Weekend” casts a slight shadow over most of the material, mainly on the strength of its funky production and ’70s cop sitcom swagger. Just over two-and-a-half minutes in length, it gives daps to Dilla and Pete Rock without straight out imitating. San Francisco MC Infinito handles mic duties, falling on the Kanye West/Talib Kweli/Common side of rap with less nodding to popular culture and more love for the underground. His flow has little whip but his lyrical couplets still snap with the fire of someone whose love of the art form continues even without a major record deal. Positive rap has its place, maybe not at the top of the charts but in the underground where it’s free to just be. (442)