Infinito 2017 The Soul of Benjamin Banneker in the Age of Aquarius

Chicago MC Infinito 2017 has apparently released over 20 albums on an underground level since he began emceeing back in 1989, and this album reveals an artist with an already developed distinctive style as you would expect. Infinito 2017’s style is socially conscious and philosophical proving his reference to the first African-American scientist in the album title isn’t just a facetious attempt to seem deeper than he is. Infinito 2017 actually deserves credit for applying his dense lyrical content and thematic subjects to abstract yet jazzy boom-bap tracks, making them easier to digest. Highlights include the cautionary soulful narrative "Darnell” and the airy soul of "A Way to Be.” However, while Infinito 2017’s "I’ma say anything, anyway, anyhow” approach can often work, over the album’s 22 tracks it can prove to be a liability. With many tracks touching on similar topics, the album would have been better served reined in by a stronger overriding concept. Despite this flaw and the volume of material he has put out, Infinito 2017 is still someone who is worth listening to and clearly still has much to say. (Raptivism)