Infinite Livez vs. Stade Morgan Freeman's Psychedelic Semen

For his third album, British rapper Infinite Livez once again teams up with Swiss electronic duo Stade for production, and those who have heard music from either will know they’re about to get into some weird shit they’ve likely never heard before. Stade’s production is heavy, spacey and glitchy, sometimes bordering on noise, and a great fit for Infinite Livez. A solid rapper with a perverse sense of humour — some might even say childish, as evidenced by this album’s title and songs like "Clapped Out Datsun” or "Swaggamuffin” — Infinite Livez also does a capable job of singing on a few tracks, coming off as a crazier Andre 3000, or a less sexy Prince, with songs like "Man Machine” and "Brand New Datsun.” Unfortunately, he sometimes resorts to making noises and weird voices, and on "I Was a Saddam Body Double Pt. 2,” he even attempts to rap in what I can only imagine is a Muppet-like, fake Arabic language. Respect for all the experimentation — a vital part of any art — but that doesn’t mean all of it is worth releasing. Still, when Infinite Livez sticks to rapping or singing, his mix of creativity, humour and mic skills results in music well worth checking out, and fortunately much of Morgan Freeman’s Psychedelic Semen falls within that category. (Big Dada)