Inferno Black Devotion

Black Devotion, the fifth full-length studio album from Czech black metal masters Inferno, is a seething barrage of blasphemy. Despite the unending aural violence, the pace doesn't get tiresome ― quite the opposite, in fact. As it progresses, it remains engrossing, invigorating and intense. Gritty, harsh melodies, tight, stabbing blasts and an unholy aura make Black Devotion a compelling, solid album, from "Prolog" to "Epilog." "Whispers of Hope in Bloody Tears" and "Eaten by Rats Forever" bridge misanthropic, ferocious gloom with unbelievable catchiness, while "Superior Will" and "Altar of Perversity" mesmerize with hard-hitting brutality. Along with tremendous writing, the production is also stellar ― all the instruments are audible while retaining the trademark black metal atmosphere. Although the album doesn't contribute anything new to the vast pool of black metal, it's impossible to find any complaints about it. In terms of up-tempo, wrathful black metal, Black Devotion may just be perfect. (Agonia)