Infected Malignity RE;BEL

Aside from a nonsensical title, this is a smokin’ EP. The combination of utter brutality, stemming mostly from Florida death metal and complex European melodies, makes Infected Malignity a band that deserve your full attention. The foursome came together in their hometown of Tokyo, of all places, and just three years ago at that. RE:BEL is this young outfit’s second release and the high calibre of this EP should make any listener want to hear a lot more. The actual sound is kind of difficult to pin down. It’s not quite hardcore, it’s not quite death metal, but it is certainly not metalcore. The vocals are a mix of nearly hardcore and death grunts. The guitar work seems to stem from both Morbid Angel and old In Flames influences. The drumming is frenetic and incredibly fast, which adds even more excellent head-banging moments to this release. Perhaps the sound is best understood through listening instead of a written description. Whatever you call it, it’s brutal as hell and a damn good listen, even though it’s only an EP. (Galy)