In Pieces Learning To Accept Silence

The dreaded emo genre may be quickly devolving into bands that sound like R.E.M. and singer-songwriter one-man snorefests (aka contemporary rock), but it was once short for emotional hardcore, and it's refreshing to see that some haven't forgotten that. In Pieces aren't a strict emo band by today's corrupted and impotent definition (or even yesteryear's), although they are highly melodic, energetic, moving and actually possess the ability to sing when not bringing the rock, but they also draw upon metallic hardcore's aggression and elements of rock and hardcore punk to create an extremely catchy, dynamic and striking debut with Learning To Accept Silence. Although it may have seemed like a strange fit when this exceptional release surfaced on Escape Artist (a label known for the punishing noise of acts such as Isis, Anodyne, Burn It Down, etc.), the quality of this record makes genre elitism irrelevant. True, In Pieces aren't offering anything particularly new, at times recalling recently departed screamo kings Grade (circa Under The Radar) with their contrasting melodic and metal changes, and at others noisecore bands who have also sought solace in melody and emotion. But the honesty, enthusiasm, genuine passion and execution raise this album above its influences, as does the excellent sound quality (recorded by Kurt Ballou) and serene artwork (courtesy of Jason Hellmann), which recalls Discordance Axis's The Inalienable Dreamless. (Escape Artist)