In Memorium From Misery…Comes Darkness

Though already a good two and a half years old, In Memorium’s full-length debut has only just recently earned itself a proper release. Nevertheless, the material still sounds fresh and vital, and as blisteringly malevolent as you could ask for. Emerging from the rainy (more than arctic) "hinterlands” of Washington state, In Memorium embrace the thickly layered, keyboard-fattened arrangements of epic dark metal, but From Misery…Comes Darkness bleeds enough raw savagery to attract many fans of extreme metal in its "truer” forms. Unearthly bursts of speed erupt from an already fast foundation, and are occasionally offset with dark, atmospheric passages, culminating in the instrumental closer, "Resurrection.” Every step of the way there is charged with electricity, and even the songs that break the eight-minute mark tear by with bludgeoning intensity. (Moribund)