In Flames Announce New Album via Hacking Stunt

In Flames Announce New Album via Hacking Stunt
Earlier this week it looked as if In Flames' website had been hacked, but it turns out it's all part of a broader scheme to promote the Swedish metal band's newly announced next LP, Siren Charms.

The band's site had gone through a serious makeover this week, with a figure dubbed "lOLzcH4Rm1nG" having apparently circumvented In Flames' security wall, and loaded the front page with Angelfire-era fonts and the message: "HaXxED much?? Inflames, SERIOUSLY!! You have
been tRolLiNg us 4 WAYAAH 2 long. As a result, you now got your site taken over. ok???"

The hacker had promised some big news to be delivered today (April 11), and a newly added link now forwards you to a separate page featuring a quick video that teases Siren Charms. The album will arrive sometime in September through Sony Music, and judging by the quick sound clips, it will feature some light guitar work, as well as more chugged-out rhythms. You can check it out over here. 

In Flames' last album was 2011's Sounds of a Playground Fading, which had been issued through Century Media.