In Flames "Into Oblivion" (video)

In Flames 'Into Oblivion' (video)
Sounding some of their Siren Charms a little early, Swedish melodic metal group In Flames have delivered a 9-to-5 lifestyle-critiquing video for album cut "Into Oblivion."

Directed by Patric Ullaeus, the video shows shots of vocalist Anders Fridén singing in the shadows, crooning about issues of "denial and hypocrisy." The other major figure in the video is a bearded businessman struggling through his days, flinging papers around the boardroom before taking leave from the office and heading into the woods. Scored by the band's chugged-out licks and mournful melodies, the man tumbles through the bush, but comes out the other side as he realizes of his stresses, "silently I know I have to let it go."

Siren Charms lands in North America on September 9 through Epic Records/Sony Music. As previously reported, it will be promoted late in the year on a tour with Opeth that hits Toronto and Montreal.