In First Person Lost Between Hands Held Tight

IFP capture the essence of the artistically- and politically-inclined mid-’90s East coast emotive punk rock movement and combine this with a more modern and climactic Circle Takes the Square approach, minus the pretension. These basic premises are coloured by vaguely Southern rock grooving, disjointed chugging menace and downcast metallic moments almost reminiscent of early Converge or Anasarca. Creative and compelling throughout, their unorthodox compositions are delivered passionately and feverishly. The vocal tradeoffs, executed in a variety of styles between all three members, texture their sonic landscape with choked emotion and angered outbursts demanding attention. IFP have also done something special with the presentation, with each disc being a handcrafted ode to the creative spirit of do-it-yourself album packaging in a world where the abstract realm of internet availability has discouraged and undermined this particular element of a release. This attention to detail and delivery, both physically as well as musically, should encourage music lovers everywhere to purchase Lost Between Hands Held Tight as a worthy addition to their collection. (Paramnesia)