Impious Terror Succeeds

I remember this Swedish bunch assaulting the general metal public a few years back with Evilized, heretofore known as the Green Album, due to the fact that the graphic design and layout was so... green. Now comes Terror Succeeds‚ (the Brown Album) and the promise of Swedish death done right. However, it's been a handful of years since an Impious offering; have they kept current during that time? Has the rest of the scene left them choking in the dust? Have the band made strides and become genre leaders or will they continue to fester under the "better than average" category the Green Album resigned them to? If you listen to the first two songs, "Soulexcursion" and "Terror God," you'd think nothing but how Impious is set to become the great, blond-tressed, high-cheekboned hope. High-speed death/thrash (gallop included, yeah!) threatens to extract your kidneys in as violent a manner possible while simultaneously teasing your flaps with solos and breaks reminiscent of the Crown's brand of insanity. After that, though, it all succumbs to death metal mediocrity of such epic proportions that I'm willing to hand over my life savings to any who thinks they can accurately tell any of the remaining eight songs from one another. (Century Media)