Impious Holy Murder Masquerade

With their latest output, Sweden’s Impious have decided to think a little bit outside the box. Holy Murder Masquerade is a concept album that follows the brutal killing spree of Trent Divian, a fictional character who murders in the name of the Lord. The album’s booklet is actually a comic book, which features the album’s lyrics in the characters’ speech bubbles. When the story comes to its conclusion, we’re left with an interesting feeling of accomplishment for following it to its bizarre finish. The band are essentially a death/thrash-sounding outfit with moments that will remind listeners of Darkane and Metal Blade label-mates God Dethroned and the Crown. Impious throw in some catchy harmonies and the occasional toe-tapping riff but, overall, there is nothing as original as the album’s concept here musically. Perhaps the biggest drawback is the voiceovers that follow several of the tracks, all of which have some seriously atrocious acting. (Metal Blade)