Impiety Dominator

You don’t really ever hear of any black metal, or any music in general, coming out of the tiny nation of Singapore. But apparently back in the early ’90s some Venom and Mayhem tapes made their way into the city-state and inspired a couple headbangers to form a band. Impiety have released a few splits and MCDs in their career, none of which have made a huge impact, but it’s still interesting to see that the true cult of black metal can spread across the entire Eurasian landmass. Impiety are nothing special — simply a fast-paced, blasphemous quartet intent on playing some decent, straight-up black metal that, thankfully, has an above average production factor unlike the releases of those that spawned their creation. You can add Impiety to the budding list of Asian bands, such as Taiwan’s Chthonic, that have taken up the black metal gauntlet in the Far East, sampling the Scandinavian influence and injecting a few Oriental themes into some of the music and lyrics. It fits quite well because I’m sure if Genghis Khan were alive today, he’d totally be into Immortal. (Pulverised)