Immaculate Machine High On Jackson Hill

Is this the end of Immaculate Machine? This Victoria power trio have pumped out some memorable fast-paced pop over their last two albums (check out the incomparable "Jarhand" from Fables) but this third album sees singer-songwriter Brooke Gallupe taking control of the band from Kathryn Calder (now a New Pornographer) and drummer Luke Kozlowski. As the press release states: "This is his record." Calder and Kozlowski help out but this means the underwhelming energy falls squarely on the shoulders of Gallupe. There are bright spots, with the raw "Primary Colours," the shambolic amble of "You Got Us Into This Mess" and classic Immaculate Machine on "Thank Me Later." Yet the overall energy of this album lags compared to earlier efforts. I understand Gallupe may be trying to break out of earlier moulds but it might be best to do so under a new identity than try to reorient the expectations of Immaculate Machine fans. (Mint)