Imbroglio The Struggle In Pursuit

Imbroglio The Struggle In Pursuit
It was a bittersweet moment in December of 2012 when Imbroglio disbanded while simultaneously releasing some of their most impressive work in the form of full-length Declared Self Hatred. But the Dayton, OH-based metallers are now back, better than ever, and they've marked their return with a new, five-track EP titled The Struggle In Pursuit. Declared Self Hatred was filled with despair, hatred, anxiety and an aura of impending doom, but while The Struggle In Pursuit features some of that loathing and anger, it's layered with a sense of hope and optimism that has never before been heard from Imbroglio.

A chaotic combination of grind, sludge, doom and experimental noise, The Struggle In Pursuit starts off strong with the clamorous "Full Speed," and transitions to the crushing, groove-heavy "Approaching." Discordant, spastic guitars dominate "Gravity" before reverting back to visceral aggression on "Day Break," while "Desolation" closes the EP with intense, mid-paced riffs and progressive leads. Throughout the diversely-structured release, the harsh and abrasive rhythms are juxtaposed with gorgeous melodies, while the vocals are tortured, yet triumphant.

In a genre overrun with defeatist attitudes, Imbroglio prove that there is a light at the end of every dark tunnel, no matter how faint the glimmer may be.

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