Imada Wild Tapes from Bahia — Playground do Brazil

Compilations like the Hotel Costes and Cafe Del Mar series, on which tracks from this double-disc appear, have done much to spread the "Brazilectro” sound. But Imada’s first album does a fine job with its own blend of dance floor and chill-out jams. Ricky Marques pairs sultry, jazzy house tones with those infectious Afro-Latin sounds, yet manages to maintain a light touch. (The "Latin Moby” tag kind of fits.) With percussion samples, it’s a little conga and repenique, some moaning cuicas, or maybe some agogo bells ("Que Festa Maravilhosa,” "Red Hot Jazz,” "Curacao,” "Cubatecha,” "New Moon in Rio”) but the cool-off tracks that follow take advantage of the percussive ebb and flow, substituting the more down-tempo bossa nova and samba pagode styles, and even a wailing Indian subcontinent feel on "Opium Fields” and others, sitars and all, smartly varying the listening experience the way such a journey should (play "Wild Tapes From Bahia — Pornstars Deejay mix” for the racier side of this). Like a warm, dark all-night party on a Rio beach, this record excites and relaxes all at once. Beleza! What a debut. (Hi-Bias)