Spirituality and Distortion

BY Addison Herron-WheelerPublished Apr 6, 2020

Igorrr's Spirituality and Distortion is a record I literally can't stop listening to; it is extreme, distorted, noisy and completely impossible to describe.
The project of Gautier Serre, the music manages to combine electronic influences, black and death metal, noise heaviness, and clean, operatic vocals into something completely new and totally exciting. Through this record, you'll feel all the emotions, but most importantly, you'll tap into the love and reverence the man clearly has for heavy music itself. The title is definitely not an accident.
Don't expect this album to be easy listening, however. It can be downright scary at times. There are odd tempo changes, unexplained elements of musicality that often don't even seem musical, and, in short, a lot of elements that overlap and contrast. This is definitely best listened to with headphones on or in a quiet room, really taking in each sound, instead of trying to make it work as background music while doing chores or driving.
Still, it's not just noise for noise's sake. Unlike some noise records that feel really inaccessible and hard to understand if you aren't a noise musician, this one has context. It is definitely rooted in death metal and black metal, and there is plenty on the record that can be appreciated by those with more traditional taste. Just don't expect to enjoy this album unless you're really into the weird and the heavy.
(Metal Blade)

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