Igor Amokian My Circuit Bent Mini EP

From the label that houses sci-fi nerd-core rappers Rhyme Mutilator and Megalynk 3, and noise-loving producers Chris Wild and Master Cylinder, comes another seven-inch full of challenging surprises, this time introducing Igor Amokian’s special brand of circuit bending. Circuit bending — the process by which individuals experiment with second-hand electronics not usually associated with musical production to create new, randomised sounds by reconnecting and repositioning circuits — results more often in noise than in music. Igor Amokian’s My Circuit Bent Mini EP is no exception. While some tracks sound more like musical songs than others, for the most part this short, seven-song seven-inch is filled with deep bass effects, static-ky sounds and vocal samples. It’s wicked when it works, but even when the output is noise there is plenty to work with for DJs searching for new and interesting sounds to cut up on vinyl. My Circuit Bent Mini EP can be a difficult listen that takes some getting used to and is therefore recommended mostly for those interested in musical experimentation and DJs searching for new battle wax — and those few individuals should likely find this a worthwhile release. (MXN)