The IF? Promotional Left Hand Daps

Originally recorded between 2001 and 2003, Promotional Left Hand Daps was planned as an early release for the newly minted Labeless Illtelligence Wreckkids label, but has only now been released. PLHD bridges the gap between CasUno’s St.Art debut as part of Multiple Complication Nation and his more recent The Art of Pissing People Off!!! solo effort, but it easily stands amongst the best the label has released during that album’s delay. Gibran’s beats are dark, golden era-influenced productions that happen to be left-field enough to suit CasUno’s erratic, punch-in style that’s one part b-boy braggadocio and one part angry commentary. While CasUno can be an acquired taste, it may be a little easier to digest label-mates and frequent collaborators Roc Solid and Ams Uno. The two make an appearance on album highlight "Musty Bashment,” which has each MC dropping their verse twice over two different beats within the same song, but apparently they like alternate takes; PLHD also has two versions of the title track (a mellow original and a danceable reggae remix) and an alternative version of "The Prosecution Rests,” equally as good as the original featured on the Bassments of Badmen: Volume 2 compilation. PLHD is a consistently solid album highlighted by the comedic "Inappropriately Ignit,” the catchy "Pardon My French Creole,” and the heavily reggae-influenced "Note to Self.” It may require a few spins, but the IF? are worth the effort. (Labeless Illtelligence)