Icky Boyfriends Icky Boyfriends

Talking to You Is Just Like Being Dead: 1988-Present They don't like expensive recording studios. Some of songs explore more existential themes than girl-meets-boy. Perhaps you've lived above a band like this, who rehearse in their living room and induce angry convulsive fits of misunderstanding from their neighbours that goes something like: "Shut the fuck up. You guys suck!" But the Icky Boyfriends do not suck, and can get beyond this intolerant behaviour, existing sometimes despite popular opinion. Bring it on - this is not only waking up the neighbours, but also making them move. To a different state. Drummer Anthony Bedard was, for a time, drummer for Toronto's much beloved and sadly missed Leather Uppers (come back, call home, all is forgiven) and LU garage legends Craig and Greg guest appear on "Rings. (Menlo Park)