Icicles Arrivals & Departures

The Icicles should have selected a warmer-sounding name. It’s a shame that the Icicle Melts is already taken because that’s a pretty good description of Arrivals & Departures. It might be cold outside but baby, these cheerfully twee melodies and girl-group harmonies will make you feel like summertime has arrived. For 40 minutes you can forget all about your frostbitten appendages, leaky boots and runny nose, and soak up some rays, roll around in fields of flowers and get bubblegum stuck in your hair. And just down the street, Plumtree and Dressy Bessy are throwing a party with free juice! This is the ideal soundtrack to a glorious, never-ending summer, the kind you only know as a kid. Sure, it’s nothing new and it’s not particularly sophisticated but the Icicles remain a guilt-free, sugar-coated pleasure that will have you yearning for merry-go-rounds, cotton candy and picnics in the park. (Microindie)