Ibeyi "Oya" (video)

Ibeyi 'Oya' (video)
Recent XL signees ibeyi will deliver their first single for the label later this summer, but are unveiling some of the spectral sounds ahead of time via a woodsy video for "Oya."

Initially scored by a series of minimalist, moody vocal harmonies and devotional lines to the titular Yoruban mythology figure, the black and white video traverses a forest landscape full of fallen, translucent trunks. As the knocking of textured drum patterns lurch themselves into the mix, we see the equally see-through, arboreal image of ibeyi's Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz. You'll find the spirited video down below.

ibeyi's "Oya"/"River" single arrives later this summer, while a press release adds that a full-length is in the works.